Sports and Therapeutic Massage

Sports Massage

A variety of soft tissue and/or energy techniques are utilised to mobilise and manipulate soft tissue.

This type of massage is specific to a sport and stage of training or to exercise needs and goals.

The ultimate goals of sport massage are

• To prevent injury – muscles are warmed and stimulated to improve flexibility and mobility. Venous flow is improved thereby increasing nutrition to cells.

• To enhance sports performance – a fuller range of motion to joints, ligaments and tendons can enhance and improve performance and stimulate optimal arousal level.

• To assist recovery – due to increased oxygen and blood flow, wastes brought about by exercise can be flushed out of the body. A massage after exercise or a sports event also relaxes to speed recovery.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage focusses on specific areas of the body to reduce muscular tension and pain and improve flexibility and range of movement.  A variety of soft issue techniques and deep tissue pressure technique, that is, trigger point therapy, are utilised.


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