Foot Joint Mobilisation


Foot Joint Mobilisation

The feet are a marvel of engineering efficiency that take a lifetime of use but they are often overlooked. They are the foundation of the rest of the body. The feet and toes bear the weight of the body and propel it forward while walking and running and help to maintain balance. Therefore it is important they are aligned properly. 

There are 206 bones in the human body of which more than a quarter (56) are in the feet (28 per foot). A foot joint mobilisation session, starting at the heel and moving towards the toes mobilises each of these 56 bones.
A foot mobilisation session is a half hour session on its own. An exercise handout sheet is given to do after every session and once or twice a day to maintain strength, mobility and flexibility.
It can be an add on to any massage session or included in any massage session of an hour or more.

Why have a foot joint mobilisation session?
• For maintenance of foot health

• General tiredness or foot pain

• To relieve foot conditions 
Calluses, corns and blisters – early signs of foot alignment problems
Bunions – caused by misalignment of the big toe joint
Metatarsalgia –pain in the ball of the foot often caused by wearing high heels
Heel spurs – when the bones are realigned the calcium will be reabsorbed
Excessive pronation of the feet (feet roll inwards causing flat feet)
Cold feet or circulation problems in the feet

• Even though there may not be any pain in the feet there can still be partial dislocations of the joints in the feet that will disrupt the neurological information going to the brain and hence the smooth co-ordination of the rest of the body, thereby causing not only foot problems but also back,hip and knee problems.




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